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Emma Stone and the Spice Girls

Emma Spice

The internet has watched as Emma Stone states her love for the Spice Girls, which results on awesome videos.

First when she was in Australia and received a video message from Mel B on an iPad:

She genuinely cried!


Then, when she was in England, she was surprised by Mel C on Skype on a radio show:


And Graham Norton totally drove her to a nigh unstoppable fangasm with this:

He went on to say that he tried to get a Spice Girl to be there but was unable to.


There’s also the Jimmy Kimmel interview, where Emma was challenged to replicate the Spice Girls’ autographs which she knew when she was a little kid:

There’s no question about it. No one in Hollywood is a bigger Spice Girl fan.

I just hope when she DOES meet a Spice Girl, that it’s on video for us all to watch ^^

PS: I am a Spice Girl fan myself, so I’m rooting for Emma meeting one!


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